XCLEA Smart cleaning for all scenes
Focusing on R&D, production and sales of clean electrical appliances, XCLEA team has been deeply involved in the cleaning appliance industry for many years, and has strong technical researches and development capabilities. It has cooperated with the top domestic technology company Huawei to create a new category of smart cleaning.
Development path
October 2019
XCLEA brand was founded by many senior experts in the industry, positioning design, research and production of high-end smart cordless vacuum cleaner and related products.
November 2019
Completed the product definition of the first generation product QY50 and took the lead in proposing a new concept of smart cordless vacuum cleaner
December 2019
Smart cordless vacuum cleaner product project was officially established
April 2020
XCLEA first anti-bacterial cordless vacuum cleaner is officially mass-produced and released
XCLEA Innovation Concept
Innovation is the core driving force for the survival and development of the CLEA!
Abandon imitation, put an end to plagiarism, and use the power of originality to provide consumers with the best qualified products. This is the core idea of ​​XCLEA Innovation. We will invest a lot of resources to focus on product design, technology research and development, reinvent the originality of products and technology, and provide consumers with different innovative products and services. Continuously realize the technical breakthrough and open up new technical directions for the cleaning appliance industry.
XCLEA Design Concept
Design is the core soul of XCLEA development!
More concise, more humane and more intelligent is the core concept of XCLEA design; we abandon the glitz, simplify the complexity and return to the essence of the design; we understand what customers think, everything is based on customer needs, and create a more humane products for customers; we combine technology with design to make products smarter and more intimate!
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