Qinxuan Honor Clea suction and mop integrated antibacterial cordless vacuum cleaner

When it comes to the end of the spring, the sun seems to be ready to meet the scorching heat. The catkins flying around the street seem to deliberately spread themselves at the end of the spring. The roads, grass, and steps are covered with catkins, turning into the piece of white. At the moment, sanitation workers on the road are struggling to clean every corner of the road and maintain a clean and tidy city. 

Just as the city needs cleaning to maintain its appearance, the cleanliness and tidiness of the family also needs to be maintained. Cleaning family hygiene can not only improve the quality of life, but also maintain a harmonious family relationship. For family members, indoor cleanliness can create a comfortable living environment and make family life more harmonious. However, the process of cleaning is not harmonious and smooth. For most people, cleaning the whole set of indoor sanitation is an arduous task.

Nowadays, this kind of burden is gradually borne by cordless vacuum cleaners. Compared with traditional wired vacuum cleaners, cordless vacuum cleaners have obvious advantages. Therefore, cordless vacuum cleaners have been the first choice for household hygiene cleaning and vacuum cleaner purchases.

So how to choose a convenient and suitable cordless vacuum cleaner? 

Especially in the current market environment where cordless vacuum cleaner products are chaotic and complicated, brand premiums, product parameters are false, and other chaotic phenomena, consumers' purchasing decisions are easily misled. Therefore, product power is the key for consumers to buy. Clea's newly launched anti-bacterial cordless anti-bacterial vacuum cleaner has a bright performance in the product. The health and anti-bacterial function of Clea is quite important for people who are more concerned about health. Great attraction.


At the beginning of the design, Clea Cordless Vacuum Cleaner (hereinafter referred to as "Clea") was designed and manufactured based on the idea of "No one I have, I have excellent", so the product cannot be underestimated. Let's take a look at Clea products together. What are the main aspects of strength? 

Strong core suction is the key

In addition to the dust that is visible to the naked eye, a lot of mites and feces are hidden in the invisible sofa mattresses and hidden corners, which affects the home environment and threatens the health of the family. Therefore, high suction power is an important standard when purchasing a cordless vacuum cleaner. Clea is equipped with an advanced 350W, 100,000 rpm brushless motor, which can achieve 125AW suction power and 24kPa vacuum, and the energy efficiency ratio is increased to 36%, which can easily remove dust. And the mites are cleaned with convenience.


The strongest 10-cone cyclone dust separation in China is full of black technology. In the process of use, multi-cone cyclones can simultaneously produce multiple tornadoes to separate dust and air to prevent filter clogging, and the suction power is more durable and stronger. For users, the 100,000 rpm high-efficiency motor and 10-cone cyclone dust gas separation product performance can be shown as cleaner suction, longer battery life, and lower noise, and there is no need to worry about the trouble caused by frequent cleaning of the filter.


65 minutes endurance

For deep cleaning, the life of the cordless vacuum cleaner is very important, which is also an important part of the impact of most vacuum cleaners on the experience. Clea has a higher energy efficiency ratio and is equipped with advanced BMS battery management technology, which can bring up to 65 minutes of battery life in standard mode, which is more advantageous than the currently famous Dyson V8 SLIM and V10 Absolute.


Clea also performs brilliantly on the charging time. According to official experimental test data, the charging time is only 2.5 hours. The magnetic charging method is simple and time-saving. It is suitable for the large-scale deep clean use environment and avoids the frequent charging. 

Antibacterial suction and mop

Not only vacuuming but also mopping the floor, Clea's wet mop assembly uses a magnetic suction installation method, which can be loaded and unloaded in one second, and can be sterilized by adding healthy plant sterilizing liquid to vacuum the floor and kill the children's play area floor. For harmful bacteria, the sterilization rate reaches 99.99%, which can effectively eliminate potential health threats.

Cleaning the ground is just the first step, and filtering is the key. Clea pioneered the purple micro-sterilization system. The quadruple sterilization can effectively inhibit the secondary spread of bacteria and create a healthy cleaning experience. The first heavy ion antibacterial air duct prevents internal pollution of the body cleaning; the second heavy silver ion antibacterial roller brush avoids mildew and odor of the brush hair; the third heavy ion antibacterial water tank solves the secondary pollution of the ground; the fourth heavy antibacterial rear filter element prevents the escape of viruses in the exhaust.


Clea's filtration system is particularly worth mentioning. Compared with similar higher-priced products, the filtration system is only a front + rear motor filter screen. Clea is equipped with a front + rear HEPA filtration system, which meets the air purification level filtration standard, and it can effectively filter out mites and dust particles as small as 0.3μm. The filtration efficiency of the whole machine reaches 99%, which effectively avoids the discharge of bacteria and dust and harms the health of family members.

Real-time cleaning visualization

Clea also performs well in the design and ease of use of the fuselage. The visual smart display on the fuselage is rich in information and can display the remaining power, suction mode, filter replacement, and mite reminder. HiLink intelligent linkage function, sports cleaning is correct, through the "smart life" APP linkage setting, automatically turn on the air purifier when cleaning, view data such as cleaning calorie consumption, making cleaning more interesting.


The modes are divided into standard mode, enhanced mode and strong correction mode according to the suction power. The standard modes are suitable for daily cleaning, the enhanced modes are suitable for removing dirt, and the powerful modes are suitable for difficult-to-clean environments such as dust accumulation.

In the appearance and functional design, Clea takes its effort. The 1.65Kg lightweight design can realize one hand operation for a long time, which is very friendly to weak women. The dust bucket adopts one-key dumping design, which is convenient to operate and not easy to dirty hands.


Clea comes with a variety of accessories, 1+4 cleaning brush head can meet a variety of use scenarios, to achieve the whole scene of home cleaning. HL multi-functional roller brush can adapt to floor and carpet cleaning at the same time, deep clean dust without tangling hair: electric mattress brush, cleans the mattresses, sofas, pet mats, etc.; 2-in-1 soft brush, effectively cleans the parts of carpet sofa, cotton wool, etc.; long flat suction can clean dead corners, deep into gaps and narrow spaces; wide flat suction, effectively removes dust and debris in gaps such as furniture and keyboards.

Therefore, for users with pets and children stay healthy at home, and who have high standards for vacuum cleaners, Clea is an excellent choice for anti-bacterial cordless vacuum cleaners. It has a strong product power, and has the higher cost performance, while meeting the dual needs of household cleaning and antibacterial needs.