Tmall officially launched XCLEA anti-bacterial cordless vacuum cleaner integrated suct with mop

As a product of crowdfunding in Qingxuan Honor, XCLEA suction and mop integrated antibacterial cordless vacuum XCLEAner combines the three major household XCLEAning needs: vacuuming, mopping and sterilization, and exerts the highest XCLEAning effect by the support of strong suction.


The most important function for vacuum XCLEAner is suction. XCLEA cordless vacuum XCLEAner uses advanced 100,000 rpm brushless motor and multi-cone air duct technology to increase the energy efficiency ratio to 36%, reaching 125W suction power and 24kPa vacuum, which can prevent clogging of the filter element and strong suction dust.


XCLEA’s magnetic suction wet tow assembly can realize the real suct&mop at the same time. One second loading and unloading, which can save much time and effort compared to the traditional mopping.


On the basis of solving the needs of vacuuming and mopping, XCLEA also added a quadruple sterilization protection system, which effectively inhibited the growth and spread of bacteria, and made the XCLEAning better.


In order to solve different XCLEAning needs, XCLEA Cordless Vacuum XCLEAner can be used as different functions with brush heads. The use of electric mattress brush can effectively XCLEAn mattresses, sofas, pet mats, etc., instead of traditional drying, it can be called as the small mite removal expert. The two-in-one soft brush head effectively XCLEAns hair and cotton wool scattered on carpets, sofas, etc., and can also penetrate deep corners and narrow spaces of the home. Wide and flat suction can effectively XCLEAn the dust on the furniture surface, keyboard and other places.


In terms of battery life, XCLEA’s performance is excellent. By the efficient BMS battery management technology, the standard mode lasts up to 65 minutes, so even large families can use it with no worries. 


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XCLEA suction and mop integrated antibacterial cordless vacuum XCLEAner

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