Huawei hdc2020 conference, lock in three new cleaning products of xclea

2020-10-07 03:34:09

On September 10, the annual Huawei Developer Conference 2020 was held, which is the top banquet for the global developers of Huawei. Through the development and application actual combat, the sharing of resources and business opportunities, every major technological change is a game for the brave, brewing the best innovation opportunities.

In last year's hdc.2019, Huawei once said that it would improve relevant technologies in the next three years and gradually apply harmonyos to more intelligent devices. Therefore, this time, Huawei upgraded Hongmeng system, HMS ecosystem services and emui 11. Maybe Huawei mate 40 is not far away from us.
As a new brand of Huawei's glory ecological chain, Qingyi is the first to land on the hdc2020 platform and compete with many big men on the same stage. With its unique scientific and technological innovation, three cleaning products, Qingyi suction and towing integrated antibacterial wireless vacuum cleaner, Qingyi intelligent wireless vacuum cleaner, and Qingyi's first sweeper robot were unveiled at the same time, becoming one of the most popular brands in the audience。

Among the products brought by Qingyi, two wireless vacuum cleaners have attracted the attention of the industry. The pure white fuselage interprets the design concept of intelligent cleaning in the whole scene, which has the incomparable advantages of other competitive products. In addition, it is the first time for Xiqing to launch its products, which is also the focus of Xiqing.

With the improvement of living standards and the upgrading of consumption, the popularity of artificial intelligence home appliances is more and more extensive. As a member of smart home appliances, Qingyi has been committed to providing high-tech, intelligent and healthy home appliances for global users, aiming to bring more consumers exquisite, elegant and extraordinary high-quality life. Through the appearance of hdc2020, Qingyi is releasing the signal of strengthening the smart home appliance brand step by step through solid and effective actions and measures, so as to realize the continuous implementation of the strategy.