New products on sale! HUAWEI MALL tests XCLEA H30 plus, a sweeping robot that can "take out garbage by itself

It has to be said that the floor sweeping robot is the best partner of "ge you lie". They are diligent, obedient and punctual, but they have not lost their subjective initiative. They are agile and flexible. They are the strongest "workers"!

In recent years, sweeping robots have developed in the direction of intellectualization and functionalization, and many products with "personality" have been launched. As a result, XCLEA intelligent dust collection robot H30 plus has been launched.


XCLEA H30 plus, which "will take out the garbage by itself", was jointly launched by HUAWEI MALL crowdsourcing & XCLEA. From January 25 to February 13, it was officially launched / placed an order in HUAWEI MALL app. You can participate in the lucky draw to win a HUAWEI P40 Pro mobile phone and get a pair of frequency conversion acoustic electric toothbrushes worth 398 yuan for free


Automatic dust collection liberates hands

The biggest highlight of XCLEA H30 plus is its dust collection station. When the sweeper robot returns to the dust collection station for charging after working, the self emptying base will absorb the dust particles in the dust collection box of the sweeper robot. There is a 3L super large dust collection bag on the top of the dust collection station, with a capacity equivalent to 30 garbage boxes, which can hold 2000 square meters of dirt, dust and hair.


The bag can be packed automatically when the dust is full. The unique ozone bacteriostatic deodorization system can avoid the two troubles of dirty hands eating ash and garbage smelling. When the garbage is full, it can be directly carried away in one bag and replaced with a new bag. The whole process is sealed to avoid secondary dust pollution. With such a large capacity, even if you are not at home for a month, you can rest assured.


Intelligent brain full scene planning

With the help of hi dynavi intelligent full scene planning system and full coverage of multiple sensors, XCLEA H30 plus can quickly scan the whole house and draw a map through LDS super sensitive lidar. It can be divided according to different areas. You can merge, mark and rename rooms through mobile app to achieve the preset cleaning route or schedule the cleaning time of the designated room.


For duplex buildings, XCLEA H30 plus also has a way. It can save the map on each floor separately, and automatically match and switch the floor changing cleaning, so there is no need to rebuild the map, which improves the cleaning effect. Low power will automatically return to the dust collection station for charging, and when it is fully charged, it will continue to clean immediately to avoid leakage or repetition.


Accurate detour and fearless climbing

With a number of professional sensors, XCLEA H30 plus can accurately identify common obstacles, take the initiative to avoid making trouble, avoid falling or overturning some valuables, and judge the height of the bed cabinet through the LDS pressure sensor.


Through intelligent calculation of height drop, the obstacle below 2cm will be easily crossed by XCLEA H30 plus, and the obstacle above 2cm will be retreated to prevent falling 


Suction and drag without dead corner

XCLEA H30 plus has two dynamic variable speed side brushes, which can automatically adjust the speed according to the different cleaning conditions of the edges and corners, extend the edge and stick to the wall for straight-line cleaning, the large suspension suction port close to the ground will carry out deep cleaning, under the large suction of 2700pa, all embedded dust can be easily removed from the floor groove, so as to improve the cleaning quality.


The attached mop can firmly grasp the ground and clean the most stubborn dirt and stains on the floor. Equipped with 250ml large intelligent control water tank and 3-level water flow control device, it can easily clean a 250 M2 house at one time. The precise electronic control water tank can evenly discharge water, which will not leave watermark on the floor after drying.   


Support HUAWEI HiLink

XCLEA H30 plus supports HUAWEI HiLink to bring you a better intelligent interactive experience. Open the HUAWEI Smart Life app, remotely control the sweeping robot, make an appointment for the sweeping time, and check its sweeping track. You can master everything.


XCLEA intelligent dust collection robot H30 plus, launched on January 25, HUAWEI official mall public test, the public test price is 2699 yuan, the world of Qingchen is worth having~