Huawei Developer Conference highlights first look, Xclea is easy to bring a new blockbuster debut

From September 10th to 12th, Huawei Developer Conference 2020 arrived as scheduled. Huawei and its partners met at Songshan Lake in Dongguan to build a new HMS ecosystem.


As a leading enterprise in China, much attention has been focused on Huawei's actions. Huawei Developer Conference is Huawei's annual flagship event for global developers in the ICT (information and communications) field. Each conference, Huawei presents something different, challenging and valuable to global developers.



After a year, Huawei Developer Conference 2020, in addition to Hongmeng OS 2.0, EMUI 11, Huawei Mate 40 and other new news, Huawei Honor Eco-products also made an appearance. Among them, XCLEA , a high-end smart cleaning brand from Hua Weirong Yao Ecology, showed up with three cleaning products: XCLEA  suction and drag integrated antibacterial wireless vacuum cleaner, XCLEA  smart wireless vacuum cleaner, and XCLEA 's first cleaning robot.




It is worth paying attention to that, in addition to clear easy suction and drag antibacterial wireless vacuum cleaner is this year has been on the market in addition to the other two clear easy smart wireless vacuum cleaner and clear easy first sweep and drag robot, are clear easy layout in the second half of the global smart cleaning market heavy weight new products. The highlights of two new products first appeared at Huawei Developer Conference, unraveling the mysterious veil.


XCLEA deep wisdom clean area for many years, this year on April 27, officially released the first XCLEA wisdom wireless vacuum cleaner, cleaning, and log in formal huawei mall and glory chosen mall, strong performance, drag one absorption, antibacterial, wisdom, health clean clear easy wireless cleaner, leaving only stay on the surface of the vacuum cleaner era, implements the huawei mall + glory chosen the raise total breakthrough 10000, hit a jingdong 618 campaign of 1000-1500 yuan price + sales double sales champion. And the new XCLEA  smart wireless vacuum cleaner and XCLEA 's first sweep and tow robot also let users full of expectations. It is reported that these two products will be listed in China in the near future, and it is expected to create a new peak of domestic intelligent cleaning products again.




Based on Huawei's advantages in product technology and brand, XCLEA  makes use of the platform of Huawei Developer Conference to further expand and promote its brand, so as to let more people feel the smart and clean black technology. Today, XCLEA  continues to create new products integrating professional technology, further expand the popularity of products, and consolidate and strengthen the leading position in the field of smart cleaning market.