First look at the highlights of the HUAWEI Developer Conference, XCLEA brings new products to its debut

On September 10th, HUAWEI Honor Eco-Chain Enterprise XCLEA brought its new product sweeping and dragging robot H30 Plus to the "Crossroads of the World" in Times Square, New York, USA. At the same time, XCLEA H30 Plus simultaneously launched the crowdfunding on Indiegogo, an overseas crowdfunding platform, and announced its formal entry into the international market.




XCLEA Appears in Times Square


XCLEA is HUAWEI's Honor Eco-brand. It focuses on the R&D and production of high-end cleaning appliances. The core team has been deeply involved in the cleaning appliance industry for many years and has super technical research and development capabilities, creating a new category of smart cleaning. XCLEA has a professional and strong design team, which has won six international awards. At the same time, XCLEA has reached cooperation with well-known international design companies and designers to lead the design direction of the industry. At the level of scientific research and development, XCLEA has a research and development team of more than ten years with rich experience in research and development of clean electrical appliances.




In April of this year, XCLEA and HUAWEI Honor officially released the first smart cleaning wireless vacuum cleaner-XCLEA suction and drag integrated antibacterial wireless vacuum cleaner, and officially logged into HUAWEI Mall and Glory Store. The XCLEA wireless vacuum cleaner with powerful performance, integrated suction and drag, healthy and antibacterial, and smart cleaning, bid farewell to the cleaning era that only stays on the surface of the vacuum. It has achieved good results in the HUAWEI Mall and Honor selection crowdfunding, and it is properly domestically produced. The first of wireless vacuum cleaners.




Relying on major breakthroughs in positioning and navigation technology, XCLEA's R&D team created a new product sweeping and dragging robot H30 Plus, which was the first to be launched overseas. According to its product introduction in Indiegogo crowdfunding, it is not difficult to find that H30 Plus is far ahead in the industry in terms of performance parameters and smart cleaning experience. In particular, the innovative "self-collecting" smart cleaning experience has also made domestic and foreign consumers full of expectations. This time, XCLEA’s heavy new product H30 Plus boarded in the center of New Yorks Times Square, shining on the "world's first screen", stunning the world.


Go out to sea


It is reported that the products produced by XCLEA have been sold to more than 60 countries around the world through the brand. They are made in China and provide high-quality products and services to consumers around the world. For the first overseas crowdfunding, XCLEA's is also full of confidence.


In the context of the continuous spread of the global epidemic, many overseas countries are still in the midst of a fierce battle with the new crown virus. The demand in overseas markets has dropped sharply in a short period of time, which has impacted my country's exports. After this epidemic, consumers at home and abroad have also sought after the concept of health. The cleaning and sweeping robot H30 Plus aims at this opportunity. It is firm and confident, has a unique adventurer spirit, and has become a brave of the times.


Ride the wind and waves


This time, it shines in Times Square, New York, USA. It is not difficult to see that XCLEA is deploying a global smart clean ecology and is committed to creating smart clean all-scene solutions for consumers around the world. As a blockbuster new product of XCLEA's deployment in the global smart cleaning market in the second half of the year, H30 Plus has attracted the attention of the industry.


It is believed that XCLEA’s stunning appearance in Times Square, New York, USA will help XCLEA H30 Plus achieve better results in overseas crowdfunding. Today, XCLEA’s focus and innovation in the field of smart cleaning have allowed us to see the rise of domestic power. We believe that in the future, XCLEA will surely represent the Chinese brand and lead the future of smart cleaning.