Glory Smart Life Autumn New Product Launch Conference, XCLEA unveiled new products

On September 16, the second season of Honor Smart Life Autumn New Product Launch Conference was held in Beijing. Life upgrades with you. The second season is here! This conference is the first large-scale offline conference of Honor official. Honor Hunter game book V700 Honor Watch GS Pro, Honor Watch ES and many new products will officially debut at this conference. As a member of HUAWEI's Honor Eco-family, XCLEA brought a new color-matched deep space gray suction and drag integrated antibacterial wireless vacuum cleaner to shine at the autumn new product launch conference of Honor Smart Life.




New color scheme, renewed release


XCLEA’s new color-matching suction and drag integrated antibacterial wireless vacuum cleaner adopts deep space gray color in the design language. The body adopts a higher-end matte paint spraying process. After three sprays and three baking, the body has fine texture, smooth lines and smooth feel It is slippery, not easy to fall off the paint, does not leave fingerprints, is durable and shows high-end quality. It perfectly combines futuristic black technology and minimalist design, which is refreshing.


XCLEA has been deeply involved in the cleaning electrical appliance industry for many years, with innovation as the development concept, abandoning imitation, preventing plagiarism, and using the power of originality to provide users with a cleaner, more humane and smarter cleaning experience.




Powerful suction, integrated suction and drag


Large suction power is the core of the cordless vacuum cleaner. XCLEA’s new antibacterial vacuum cleaner with integrated suction and drag is equipped with an advanced 100,000-rpm brushless motor, which brings an effective suction power of 125W, a vacuum of 24kpa, and an energy efficiency ratio of 36%. A higher energy efficiency ratio makes the vacuum cleaner in the same motor Under the power, get stronger suction, longer battery life and lower noise. With such strong performance, the XCLEA wireless vacuum cleaner can last for 65 minutes and the noise is as low as 72dB(A). At the same time, it is equipped with the ten-cone cyclone dust-gas separation technology, and simultaneously produces ten tornadoes to efficiently separate dust and air, prevent clogging of the filter element, and make the hurricane suction longer. At the same time, it continues the function of the previous generation of suction and mopping. Vacuum and mopping can be done at the same time, and disinfectant can be added to the water tank to achieve ground disinfection and epidemic prevention and protect the health of the family.


Smart screen display, extraordinary wisdom


XCLEA's new antibacterial wireless vacuum cleaner with integrated suction and drag is equipped with a smart screen display and fully integrated into HUAWEI's HiLink system. The HUAWEI HiLink system includes two parts: smart connection and smart linkage, which can connect large and small appliances at home to form a smart Internet of Things, which will bring users a better experience. Users of XCLEA vacuum cleaners can use the "Smart Life" app to link settings, automatically turn on the air purifier when cleaning, check calorie consumption, etc., so that cleaning is clear at a glance, easier and more fun.




With the arrival of the era of smart home, HUAWEI has made a strong layout in the field of smart home, embracing the Internet of Things and 5G with users, and feeling the arrival of the smart era. XCLEA positions itself as a smart and clean technology product for the whole family scene, focusing on the research and development of high-end cleaning appliances With super strong technology research and development capabilities, it has created a new era of smart cleaning.